Well it has been a year to remember and we are only at Sept. I am…. as so many already looking forward to being past this year and looking back at it as a memory. Hopefully soon the pandemic will be over but I know that will not be as soon as we all would like.  What a blessing it will be to feel safe in groups, to be able to hug whomever you wish and simply to feel safe in the invisible world of germs around us. But as with everything there has been an upside….we have slowed down, we now are thinking of the important parts of our lives…we are taking the time to connect with those we love even if it is just over the phone or zoom. Life has a wonderful way of adapting and moving on. The work in the studio has stayed busy. Still lots more paintings to do before the end of the year….looking forward to jumping into it. Have a marvellous safe and healthy day.

2020 KCS Mice painting by Valerie Rogers