I am caught in wonder at the natural world.

” Come look at this, how beautiful this plant is, how intricate this spider web is and look how the stripes on a chipmunk echo his shape. Come see what I see.”

Valerie Rogers is a watercolor and acrylic artist.

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Valerie Rogers is a watercolor and acrylic artist. She paints in-depth visual studies of nature and it`s creatures in their own quiet places. She focuses on the natural beauty around her and translates it to art on canvas. A Canadian artist living in Salmon Arm in the interior of British Columbia. she is surrounded by the natural beauty of the region. The mountains circling her studio are full of the wildlife she loves to paint. Hiking in those mountains gives her the chance to get really close to her inspiration.

Lost Song

Lost Song by Neonicotinoid.  This painting looks at the fact that our quest for higher yields in our farmers crops is costing us as a planet. When the bugs die....death expands over all the species. Here the barn swallows fly with ghost birds in their midst, because...

Eagle Swimming

         Just thinking back to an exciting summer story. We were out on our boat and we were lucky enough to see an eagle swimming for the first time. We were out fishing (catch and release) on the lake. My husband released the fish with a quick twist of the hook...

Rabbits, Rabbits, Rabbits

       I love rabbits. It seems like I always have. Thinking back to our first pets when I was a little girl. We were lucky enough to have an opinionated tabby cat, a guinea pig and a growing number of rabbits.  We were always willing to add a boy to our group...

Creating the look of textures

The best way to create the look of texture in a painting is using something that is just ready to be tossed out. It is true, your oldest, ugliest and most abused brushes make the best textures in a painting.  Those wonderful old brushes that are on their last legs...

My Art Reasons

My Art Reasons - to create, expand and grow  to compliment and recreate beauty, to share my love for nature and its creatures to preserve a moment of connection with a wild being to represent that animal well to illuminate their importance in all of our lives to...