I am caught in wonder at the natural world.

” Come look at this, how beautiful this plant is, how intricate this spider web is and look how the stripes on a chipmunk echo his shape. Come see what I see.”

Valerie Rogers is a watercolor and acrylic artist.

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Valerie Rogers is a watercolor and acrylic artist. She paints in-depth visual studies of nature and it`s creatures in their own quiet places. She focuses on the natural beauty around her and translates it to art on canvas. A Canadian artist living in Salmon Arm in the interior of British Columbia. she is surrounded by the natural beauty of the region. The mountains circling her studio are full of the wildlife she loves to paint. Hiking in those mountains gives her the chance to get really close to her inspiration.

Lift Off & Soar – A 33 foot painting for your huge display wall.

"Lift Off & Soar" is by far the largest painting I have done to date (3x33 feet). What a huge painting to create. it is 7 panels of a flock of Canadian geese lifting off a lake and flying away.  A celebration of waterscapes, nature and flight. It was created for a...

“Wild Elements” a new series with a difference

Just wanted to introduce a new series for 2022, "Wild Elements."  These new paintings have a bit different style while still sharing my love tor wildlife. They are a combination of wildlife and habitat with a geometric shape, misty pattern with a graduation of colour...

Horse Lovers

I have always been a horse lover. When I was about 12 years old, my brothers and I were lucky enough to get two lovely mares. A big buckskin named Shawny and a smaller Arab named Christie. They were great horses, we loved them and spent many happy hours with them...

Field work for my Art

It is the field work that creates the passion that keeps me painting the long hours that it takes to create wildlife art. The excitement of seeing the animals in their natural habitat living their lives. We are so fortunate to live in the interior of BC just minutes...

Big Horn Rams in art

Big Horn Sheep - Seems like a funny subject for fine art but there is something so impressive and prehistoric about these agile big horned animals. The sheer mass on the tops of their heads...a twisting curling challenge and defence.  They are beautiful but strange,...