I am caught in wonder at the natural world.

” Come look at this, how beautiful this plant is, how intricate this spider web is and look how the stripes on a chipmunk echo his shape. Come see what I see.”

Valerie Rogers is a watercolor and acrylic artist.

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Valerie Rogers is a watercolor and acrylic artist. She paints in-depth visual studies of nature and it`s creatures in their own quiet places. She focuses on the natural beauty around her and translates it to art on canvas. A Canadian artist living in Salmon Arm in the interior of British Columbia. she is surrounded by the natural beauty of the region. The mountains circling her studio are full of the wildlife she loves to paint. Hiking in those mountains gives her the chance to get really close to her inspiration.

Whimsy Art Book Available Now

So pleased that my book is now available. This is something I have been thinking of for several years. A fun silly project filled with love and laughter. A small mouse that wanted to fly...the illustrations show all that this little clever fellow tries in his pursuit...

Christmas is coming

Christmas is coming, Christmas is coming... the fishing and wildlife art is perfect for Dad. The whimsy art is great for the nursery, grandma's house or anyone who loves to smile. What about mom...she would be delighted with the horse art and squirrels. All the family...

My Art Reasons

To create... To create beauty... To solidify a moment... To represent an animal... To exceed expectations... Share a love... Illuminate a part of me without using speech... Showcase importance... Make a connection... Tell a story... Show a soul…mine and theirs…touch...

Inspiration for art

Every day can be the source of my inspiration to paint. This summer has been full of wonderful hikes in the mountains around Salmon Arm. The air has been clear of the wild fire smoke that plagued us the last two years.  Hiking is a chance to get into the woods and...

Favourite things to do

We all have those favorite things we love to do.The past times that make you smile to think of them, that you love to plan for and look forward to.  Some of mine I have shared here on this blog. Here are two paintings that show a combo of my husband's and mine. They...