I am caught in wonder at the natural world.

” Come look at this, how beautiful this plant is, how intricate this spider web is and look how the stripes on a chipmunk echo his shape. Come see what I see.”

Valerie Rogers is a watercolor and acrylic artist.

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Valerie Rogers is a watercolor and acrylic artist. She paints in-depth visual studies of nature and it`s creatures in their own quiet places. She focuses on the natural beauty around her and translates it to art on canvas. A Canadian artist living in Salmon Arm in the interior of British Columbia. she is surrounded by the natural beauty of the region. The mountains circling her studio are full of the wildlife she loves to paint. Hiking in those mountains gives her the chance to get really close to her inspiration.

Getting Out There

We do allot of hiking, we head out and up the trails systems in BC and sometimes we just scramble up the hillside above us without using the trails (Neil is better at full on cross country than I am, boy can he hike) We do it to enjoy nature and see the animals that...


I am collecting all the time. Collecting little bits of nature...pinecones, stones, dried leaves and feathers...for their beauty and so I will know what they really look like to paint them. Creating and collecting photos of nature, all the animals,  the mountain side,...

Out of the Dark Painting series

It has been a few years now but my Out of the Dark series was and is still an inspiration to my other artwork. That year due to our work schedule we only had time to exercise after supper...and in the dark. We would walk our country mile in the dark with only the...

Horses – beauty, power, grace but most important love

  Horses - they have been part of my whole life. The decades of my life can be paired to a number of wonderful horses. We have ridden the pastures and the mountains...learned so many things together. They have been great friends and even a few stubborn...

Whimsy Art Book Available Now

So pleased that my book is now available. This is something I have been thinking of for several years. A fun silly project filled with love and laughter. A small mouse that wanted to fly...the illustrations show all that this little clever fellow tries in his pursuit...