This year has been an odd one…with Covid, extreme drought and the BC wild fires. I sure can’t say that I have enjoyed it. Lots was scary, worrying and sad.  But I am so grateful to have had such wonderful people around me. While we have not had the chance to see them as much, I give thanks for the wonderful family and friends around us. We have tried to keep in touch with this last 18 months. Most of it has been by phone, text or zoom. Even some that we have not seen or heard much from….they are still dear to my heart, We all had such a time adjusting to restrictions. So many good people in the communities working hard in difficult situations to make our lives better….Health care workers and fire fighters are at the top of my mind. On a personal note  A THANK YOU to all the people who have kept in contact with me in the studio….requesting paintings to make their homes more personal and special.

We are all working together to make the world a better place….with so much negative in the news…I love to remind myself that all of that negativity is the exception not the rule.

The rule is all of us – together.  THANK YOU!

nest of bunnies in the flowers