chickadees in paint by Valerie Rogers

Wild Elements Chickadee painting by Valerie Rogers

Just wanted to introduce a new series for 2022, “Wild Elements.”  These new paintings have a bit different style while still sharing my love tor wildlife. They are a combination of wildlife and habitat with a geometric shape, misty pattern with a graduation of colour of a wonderful soft green. They are a focused look at the wildlife in a misty landscape. Paintings that say look here at the wonderful natural detail and look there with feeling. This first part of the series is working with squares but the next part of it will be with circles. They are painted on gallery wrapped canvases, meaning that the painting runs right around the edges and can be seen from the side, that can be hung in the clean modern way without frames. They can be hung a single or multiplies. I hope you enjoy them.

quail art by Valerie Rogers

Wild Elements Quail by Valerie Rogers

Valerie Rogers hummingbird painting

indepth painting of hummingbirds by Valerie Rogers

Valerie Rogers duckling painting

New series Wild Elements painting of mallard ducks by Valerie Rogers