Whimsy Art book by Valerie Rogers

So pleased that my book is now available. This is something I have been thinking of for several years. A fun silly project filled with love and laughter. A small mouse that wanted to fly…the illustrations show all that this little clever fellow tries in his pursuit of the magic of flight. The paintings were my inspiration and it went from there.¬† Just a bit of fun to share a smile with you, your kids and grandkids.

Some of my Mouse Whimsy paintings are still available  (11x14inches, Acrylic on board, white frame at $325.00.) If painting is purchased, the book will be added in as a fun bonus. Check in Whimsy art or with me to see what happy mouse paintings are still available.

And always take time to dream!


Valerie Rogers' acrylic painting of bubbles with mice

Learning how to fly with bubbles