Sometimes I get asked where my inspiration comes from. In the most part it comes from a wonderful meeting with a wild creature. For example, two days ago I headed down to the lake with my guilty pleasure, an ice cap from Timmy’s and my camera. After finishing my drink, in a smiling haze of sugar and caffeine,  I headed out on the boardwalk. There I leaned against the railing and watched an abundance of bird life flit about the water and grasses. Most of them too fast and too far away to get much more than an impression of them. Then a huge shape crossed my view finder…so close it startled me. A large blue heron, angled quickly towards me and landed right in front of me. The next 20 mins were spent in happy contemplation of this huge bird that fed in a steady line back and forth in front of me. His knife sharp beak dipped into the knee deep water with amazing regularity…spearing little bits of food with great dexterity. His pace was measured, elegant and slow. He was simply wonderful and I studied his shape, movement and colour. Then I planned how I would use this inspiration.  Studying his form carefully, trying to memorize his features.  All the rest of the day my mind replayed that inspiring meeting, the look in his eyes, the patterning of the feathers. Yesterday a drawing happened between packing up paintings that are being delivered to their new owners…and this morning the painting is begun. Now I will try to share the coolness of meeting this creature close up! Painting will take a while….as I relive the experience and try to bring it back to life on my canvas.

Valerie Rogers Heron inspirationValerie Rogers Heron meetingValerie Rogers meeting Heron