Was just looking for a beautiful point on a brush to create that wonderful flash of reflection in the eye of my animal on the easel. The brush needs to come to a marvellous sharp point while still holding enough paint to do the job. All the ones in use have worn down to various levels. Now is the time to grab a new new one, peal off the plastic sleeve and wash out the sizing …there is the point I am after.

In the photo you will see how much they wear down with use. Each of the brushes featured are the same brush…different ages and more wear/tear/worn.  But they are useful at each level of wear….the really old worn ones make lovely fur…I dip them in paint then do the unforgivable as I mash them straight down on a towel to further distress their hair before making great fur on the painting. Just thought it was interesting how much hair is gone on the old ones….Where did it go….just worn down in the tiniest fractions into the paint I guess….so each  painting has a bit of brush in it as well as paint…..interesting.