Hello all,

if you have been watching  you may have noticed that my website disappeared from the web for a bit.  Tech problems happen and unfortunately the site failed…and I lost about 9 months of information, photos, blogs etc. But I am so grateful to my wonderful tech guy who has fixed all issues and reinstalled my site from a saved older version.

So if you noticed all of this…thank you for paying attention…I appreciate all of you, my viewers, followers and art collectors.  So now I am almost back up to date and think I have re-installed all artwork….blogs are lost as are some other details…but I will restart from today.

It has been a great year so far for art creation and commissions. Connecting on line due to pandemic and bringing our love for natures beauty inside of our homes.  If you see an artwork that you like, let me ASAP as I am delighted to find that many artworks are finding their homes in their first few days online. Even other older pieces seem to catch several peoples interest on the same day.

Also just wanted you to know that I am happy to create a unique artwork just for you – perhaps something  you have had in mind for years, or a beloved pet portrait or that big statement painting for your favourite room.  Just contact me, we will brainstorm and make it happen.

Have a great day!