Wee grey bunny rabbit painting by Valerie Rogers    


I love rabbits. It seems like I always have. Thinking back to our first pets when I was a little girl. We were lucky enough to have an opinionated tabby cat, a guinea pig and a growing number of rabbits.  We were always willing to add a boy to our group of several boy rabbits. We were careful to say to those generous souls who wanted to give us the random rabbit. Is it a boy? It can come to the main pen if it is a boy, if it was a girl we would put it into a separate pen. But it seemed that most of those gift boys would magically turn into girls as soon as they arrived. Just there our herd of rabbits would grow.

Now between painting other animals. It is just lovely fun to paint a wee rabbit. My latest rabbits paintings have been inspired by my friend Brenda’s bunnies. She calls when the wee bunnies are out and running about. My heart still just melts to see them.