While painting horses I feel as if I am part of the immense history of mankind’s’ love affair with horses. As humans we have always needed and loved horses. Together we have climbed mountains, built cities, fed the masses as well as become the very best of friends. Horses are essential to my view of the world. The rhythmic  movement of my horses’ head in front of me as we travel the mountain trails, makes my world right.. The flicker of his ears as he listens to me talk and his steady companionship that has provided a warm light in my life.

Having said that, horses are not easy to paint. They are a collection of bumps, lumps and planes. All of these need to be placed very precisely. Their musculature must be perfectly placed to look right. Their hair is reflective and hugs their curves. It is a wonderful painting challenge.  Here is the step by step of my latest horse painting. Here is Buddy, our Arabian. He is an opinionated, clever and responsive horse that is an important and well loved member of our family.

Valerie Rogers starting painting horses Valerie Rogers painting Horses Painting horse process by Valerie Rogers My Buddy Horses painting by Valerie Rogers