It has been a few years now but my Out of the Dark series was and is still an inspiration to my other artwork. That year due to our work schedule we only had time to exercise after supper…and in the dark. We would walk our country mile in the dark with only the light of the sky to show our way. There is lots of wildlife around our area¬† and often we could hear movement in the trees as we walked by . My imagination led me to create a whole series of paintings of what might have been looking out of the woods at us. Here is a few of the series

Valerie Rogers Painting of Big horned Sheep

Out of the Dark Rams Ridge. The majesty of three big male sheep on top of the ridge

Acrylic painting Black bear Valerie Rogers

Out of the Dark – Bear

baby deer painting by Valerie Rogers

Out of the Dark, a fawn peers with a gentle delicate face.

Valerie Rogers' painting of moose

Valerie Rogers' black painting of a horse

Out of the Dark Horse