In Salmon Arm at the SAGA gallery we are now sharing an art show that deals with the positive news that so often is missed. The focus is on successes in our fight to protect the earth, the water and it’s animals.

My painting is on a recycled artwork from years ago. My daughter has a passion for travel and together we started a world map painting but we never really completed it and for 10 years it has been in my storage room…it was the perfect piece to inspire and start this artwork from.

Using this recycled canvas…I have refreshed the map to colours that work for my story here. This painting is all about animals that are slowly coming back from endangered. I have painted 31 animals in gold over the world map to share their story of endurance through life threatening obstacles. Through the intense and fabulous work of many caring individuals all of these animals now have a chance.  My heartfelt thanks to all people who are protecting our wildlife and land. THANK YOU!

Reclamation painting by Valerie Rogers

Valerie Rogers painting of the hopeful reclamation of endangered animals.