Artists  have a slightly different way of looking at the world…or perhaps we see the world in just the same way but take note of slightly different things. The other day at the winter carnival parade I stood with my family on the cold winter street and clapped as the floats went by.

I enjoyed looking at the costumes, the colours, the artwork and listening to the songs. The men in my family admired the trucks, quads, the chrome rimmed tires and the more complex constructions of floats.
But as one SUV stopped in front of me I was delighted to see that nature had added delicate icicles all along the bottom edge of the vehicle. As I happily commented on this….there was startled  but kindly laughter from my family. When we returned to the parking lot, they pointed out tongue in cheek, all of other beautiful icy decorations on the bottoms of the vehicles. I had to laugh.

It did seem silly to be in the midst of all that parade display to be caught by the beauty of icicles. But  I realized that it was my slightly different look at the world that gave me something to say in my artwork. Something to share that perhaps someone else hasn’t noticed yet.
Or perhaps I am just a bit odd….there is a very slight possibility of that too………but NO I don’t think it is that at all!