Valerie Rogers painting of foal ¬† Horses – they have been part of my whole life. The decades of my life can be paired to a number of wonderful horses. We have ridden the pastures and the mountains…learned so many things together. They have been great friends and even a few stubborn adversaries.They are powerful but gentle, wild but loving, hardworking yet full of fun and all in all wonderful beautiful best friends. Right now we have 4 loving horses in our fields and they are a part of our every day. They each have their own strong personalities and preferences. Our family stories are full of the funny things that they do and the joy they have brought to our lives. Valerie Rogers painting of a painted pony

So it is not a surprise that I often paint horses, they are a difficult  but satisfying subject to paint. I always hope that my art reflects the joy that horses have brought into my life. Here are a few of my horse paintings.

Arab horse painting by Valerie Rogers