Valerie Rogers painting of her horse

I have always been a horse lover. When I was about 12 years old, my brothers and I were lucky enough to get two lovely mares. A big buckskin named Shawny and a smaller Arab named Christie. They were great horses, we loved them and spent many happy hours with them throughout my teens. All my life horses have been an important part of who I am. We have had great horses over the years sharing them with lots of family and friends.

Right at the moment we have three horses in our family and they are just such nice boys. We ride them as often as we can and we very much enjoy the daily interaction with them. We chat with them over the fence when we work in the yard. When we work in their fields they are constantly with us, curiously putting their noses into our work, our pockets, hoods and tools. While it makes any job longer, it also makes it such fun too.

It is no surprise that I also love to paint horses. They have so many characteristics, power and grace, wild and elegant, delicate and strong. Each horse can be all of those and more.  It has been my pleasure to paint some well loved horses.  Here are a few of my horse paintings.

Valerie Rogers painting of a painted ponyteam of horse painted by Valerie RogersArab horse painting by Valerie Rogers