We do allot of hiking, we head out and up the trails systems in BC and sometimes we just scramble up the hillside above us without using the trails (Neil is better at full on cross country than I am, boy can he hike) We do it to enjoy nature and see the animals that live around our town and BC. For me I am always looking for the inspiration for the next artwork of course.  We also love to horseback ride and we ride our mountains as well. Often wild animals will be unconcerned about a horse back rider as the horse makes them feel more comfortable. Our horses are not alarmed by most critter sightings. They usually only get upset by sudden appearances or cougars and aggressive dogs.

Valerie Rogers and Buddy

Our other means of accessing nature include ATV and kayaking….in most of these situations I have one of my handy dandy cameras (4 different sizes and applications) ready for any critter to pop up his head to show off.  The kayak is amazing as if is totally silent and can glide in with the wildlife without alarming them. The  ducks come right up to peck at my kayak and try to scramble up to sit on the front. Yesterday….a loon swam under me in the clear water like a black and white bullet before popping up to call just a few feet away. Amazing!  It is a beautiful world out there filled with amazing creatures and we are so lucky to be able to share it with them!

Valerie RogersValerie Rogers