Christmas is coming, Christmas is coming… the fishing and wildlife art is perfect for Dad.

Fly fishing equipment on the rocks.

Grandpa’s fly box holds the handmade flies that will dance at this end of this rod’s line.

The whimsy art is great for the nursery, grandma’s house or anyone who loves to smile.

Mice inside bubbles floating away, painting V. Rogers

Mice playing with bubbles….up, up and away.

What about mom…she would be delighted with the horse art and squirrels.

Valerie Rogers painting of squirrel and mushrooms All the family loves the wildlife, the deer, the bear and of course the birds.

And for you…. there is the BIG ART – the mountains, rivers and geese.

painting of a rushing mt creek.

Up in the mountains are the swept clean stream beds that show the power of the spring run off.

The Geese in Lift Off & Soar might have to be for the office….as that is almost too BIG for most homes.

Huge Acrylic painting of Canadian geese flying by Valerie Rogers

33 feet of Lift Off and Soar

Or perhaps you just would like some greeting cards, a whimsy art book or a gift certificate for artwork or lessons. Or maybe you would like a commission painting, a painting created in collaboration with you for you.

Valerie Rogers Art – We can help you with your Christmas shopping…..yes in deed!