Big Horn Sheep – Seems like a funny subject for fine art but there is something so impressive and prehistoric about these agile big horned animals. The sheer mass on the tops of their heads…a twisting curling challenge and defence.¬† They are beautiful but strange, delicate and powerful. The combination of understandable sheep bodies and then also the prehistoric curved horn.


Wow. I am captivated and have painted them many times on different sized canvases.They are creatures of great beauty. My paintings of them and the process involved were featured in Artist International magazine (much to my delight.) It has been my pleasure to watch them on the mountain tops and to hear the crack of their heads and horns echo across the valleys. Bachelor herds of rams have passed within feet of me, while the females and their young were more cautious and maintained a greater distance. Seeing them in the wild is a wonderful opportunity that I always appreciate.

Latest Ram painting¬† titled “Impact” features that moment…that sound that cracks the peaceful wilderness and echoes across the the range.

Big horn sheep painting by Valerie Rogers

a painting by Valerie Rogers of two big horned sheep butting heads in the mountains