My art helps people to see animals as EarthMates, our neighbours that share this common ground. It is the excitement of that first meeting that is the fuel that provides the creative energy for my time spent at the easel. My paintings reflect the unexpected magic of a wildlife encounter, full of the connection felt when your eyes meet the gaze of a wild animal.

My camera and sketch book are in constant use as support tools. I have a naturalist’s attraction to organic details and try to accurately represent not only the feeling of nature but the form of it also. My painting approach is made up of good tools, mostly round watercolour brushes with fine points and fluid acrylic paint put carefully on a well gessoed surface. It is an intuitive process that drives my choices of colour and values to create the mood. 

There is a magic in recognizing another life form and paying it the respect it deserves. Our natural world and its animals, our EarthMates are such an essential part of our earth. My paintings celebrate their intrinsic value in our lives and feature that wonderful moment of connection.

Valerie Rogers EarthMates poster